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100 Safes Hints levels 11 to 20

Here are the hints for 100 Safes - levels 11 to 20!
If you are stuck, then these hints will help you solve the levels.
100 Safes is a point and click room escape game.

Click here for the hints for other levels of 100 Safes.

100 Safes Level 11 Hints:

This is Pascal's famous triangle.  The formula goes that each number equals the sum of the 2 numbers directly above it.  There are an imaginary "0" on both the left and right side of each row.

100 Safes Level 12 Hints:

The 4 colored balls will each drop down to a certain number.
The order of your answer is important - this order can be found in the color code at the bottom.

100 Safes Level 13 Hints:

This is a tough level to solve.  No special tricks needed, you only need to get the order right of who goes when, with who.
Think of a plan so that the 2 slowest persons can go over at the same time.  The 2 slowest persons should only travel once.
If done correctly it will take 130 seconds.

100 Safes Level 14 Hints:

If you read the book "The hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy" by Douglas Adams, then this level will be very easy.  If you did not read this famous book, then Google "What is the answer to life, the universe, and everything".
The "don't panic" part is a famous quote from the same book.

100 Safes Level 15 Hints:

Here you have some famous landmarks and you need to select the correct flag.
In the pictures you will find a opera house, table mountain, Machu Picchu,  and the giant lilies in the  Pamplemousses Botanical Garden.  

100 Safes Level 16 Hints:

Some basic maths will solve this one.  Remember to count the little girl.

100 Safes Level 17 Hints:

Rotate the squares so that sides of the same color connects with each neighbor.

100 Safes Level 18 Hints:

This should be easy, but do not get tricked by the "10 times" part.
If I asked you what is ten plus ten, then ask you that same question 100 times, the answer will stay 20.

100 Safes Level 19 Hints:

This is a rather difficult puzzle.  Lots of people asked how do you sell half a dog?
Well, you only sell full dogs!
Imagine you have 7 dogs.  The half of that will be 3 and a half.  So half of 7 plus half a dog would give you 4 dogs.   No dogs harmed!

100 Safes Level 20 Hints:

Spin the wheel.   There are 5 color names that will become visible as the wheel spins.  The order is important.

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