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The Cowboy Escape Walkthrough

Cowboy Escape Walkthrough - the complete step  by step solution to help you solve Cowboy Escape.  I will provide you with tips, tricks, help, and detailed explanations to the puzzles.  If you are stuck, then read on and I will show you how to escape.. alive!   This is a medium-easy room escape game that should take you between 30 and 40 minutes to complete.

About Cowboy Escape: The 511th escape game from 123bee.com. Here the story begins! A group of gangster stolen some precious items and hided it in their house. Our smart cow boy came to know about this. He planned to loot those items and distribute them to the needy ones. By using his intelligence he entered that house and waiting for the right chance. To his goodness, gangsters went out, help him to find the items and escape from the house before the robber’s arrival.

The Cowboy Escape Walkthrough Starts Here:
You start the cowboy escape from the lounge area:

Move the blue pot on the dining table, then take the piece.
Take the horse shoe from the painting on the left.
Zoom in on the chandelier and take the center piece.
Zoom in on the standing lamp on the right, take a piece.

Go right to the bedroom

Take a part from the bed drawer (drawer is at the foot-end of the bed)
Take a piece from the table next to the pink flower.
Take a piece from the top middle drawer at the set of drawers.
Take a piece from the right leg of the bed.  Hint: you open the top round part to get it.

Go right to the kitchen

Open the bottom right cupboard.  Inside is a toolbox.  Take the screwdriver, spanner, and magnet.
Take a piece from the wide drawer next to this cupboard.
Take a knife from the cupboard in the top right corner.

Zoom in on the hanging chimes.  Use the knife to get the horse shoe.

Go right to the bathroom

Take a piece from the wire-buck-head on the wall.
Zoom in on the black fireplace
Use the screwdriver to remote the screws at the exhaust pipe.  Move the fireplace then take the piece.
Open the floor panel below this piece, then take the safe box.

Go all the way left tot he lounge.
Zoom in on the rope in the bottom right corner.  Use the knife to cut a piece of rope.  Take the rope.
Zoom in on the rope and attach the magnet

Use the rectangular pieces (you need to start with the bigger piece that looks a bit like a lock).  Add the other pieces to make a rectangular cupboard handle.
Use this handle to open the cupboard next to the barrel.
Take the puzzle box inside.

Zoom in on the puzzle box.
Solve the puzzle of the dragon by swapping pieces around

Take the silver key.

Go right to the kitchen.
Zoom in on the puzzle drawer on the left.
Insert the pieces

Take the silver key.

Go right  to the bedroom.
Zoom in on the ceiling fan.  Take the horse shoe by using the rope-magnet on it..
Zoom in and remove the white cloth on the left wall to reveal the horse shoe.  Use the spanner to get this horse shoe.

Zoom in on the top right corner where there is a plate with 4 horse show patterns on it.
Insert the 4 horse shoes.
Insert the star-shaped center piece.
The panel will open

Take the silver key.

Zoom in on the puzzle box in your inventory.
Use the 3 silver keys to open the lock.

Take the golden key.

Go all the way left to the lounge.

Zoom in on the front-door lock.
Use the golden key top open the lock and escape!

Well done on a great Cowboy escape.
Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough to this point-and-click room escape game.
Have a happy day.

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