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100 Safes Hints Level 1 to 10

100 Safes Hints for levels 1 to 10.

The first few levels are very easy and basic.  It will teach you some of the mechanics of 100 Safes.  You should not have much difficulty solving them!
For hints to the other levels... go here.

100 Safes level 1 hint:

In level 1, the answer is right at the top in big blue letters.  To solve this level:
1. Click on the safe
2. Enter 1234 on the keypad (use the mouse, or type 1234 on the keyboard)
3. When you are correct, notice the star turns green:

4. Click GO!
5. The safe will be open:

6. Click the gold in the safe to advance to the next level.

100 Safes level 2 hint:

There must be a light switch somewhere?
If you cannot find it, search for a dark red button in the top left area.  Click it and the light will go on.  You will then see the code.

100 Safes level 3 hint:

Get rid of the spider web!  (Tap the spider web... do not be afraid!)

100 Safes level 4 hint:

Rotate the 6 squares to see the hidden number.   If you struggle, then I will assist more... There are 2 numbers and the number on the right is a 6.

100 Safes level 5 hint:

This is a resistor.  You will solve this level by entering the ohm value for this resistor.
Here is a link to the Wiki article on the color coding for resistors.

In this level, you can ignore the gold band (the right-most color) as this is the tolerance of the resistor.
The 1st band is red.
The 2nd band is green.
The 3rd band is black - this black means multiple the value from the first 2 bands by 1.
So if you can figure out what red and green are, then you will have the code!

100 Safes level 6 hint:

There is a 4 digit code at the top.
Click on the dustbin to get a piece of paper with the code key.
Look at the purple lines of the code, these lines forms a box or part of a box around each number.  Match this pattern around each number with the code at the top...

100 Safes level 7 hint:

In level 7 you will see some music notes.
At the bottom is a hint:  Z = 26, Y = 25, etc.
The musical notes = C C G

100 Safes level 8 hint:

In level 8 you have some Roman Numerals written on a mirror.  There is a plus sign, so add them together...
Notice that they are a reflection in the mirror... :-)

100 Safes level 9 hint:

Here you have a light bulb and 5 switches.
Notice the number 12 in the bulb.
The binary for 12 would be 01100

100 Safes level 10 hint:

Set the time of the clock and the safe will open.
Look at your watch, or better, the time on the device where you are playing 100 safes!

For hints to the other levels... go here.

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