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100 Safes Hints - Level 51 to 60

100 Safes Hints - Level 51 to 60.

Go here for the hints for other levels.

100 Safes is a point and click room escape game.  If you are stuck, then these hints will give you some help on how to complete the level.  This is not a complete walkthrough, but rather tips to assist you.  If you are really stuck, use the comments section below to request more help!

100 Safes level 51 Hints:

This is a multiplicational Fubuki Puzzle.

The leftmost column can only be 3,1,5 or 5,1,3.  
The top row will then be 5,6,?  --> does not work or 3,6, ? -->  so it must be  3,6,4. 

100 Safes level 52 Hints:

You need to have 1 and 8 in the 2 inner-most circles.  2 and 7 will then be at the top and bottom.  You can work out the rest.

100 Safes level 53 Hints:

What am I?
Someone makes me, but does not want me.
Someone buys me, but does not need me.
Someone uses me, but does not know it.

Starts with a C.
Your family will buy it for you when you passed away.

100 Safes level 54 Hints:

This is similar to a previous level, but this time on the the big chief can drive the cart.

Here is one way to do it:
Take 2 mafia's over.  One of them need to be the big mafia.  Return the cart with the big mafia.
Take the other small mafia over and return the cart with the big one.
Take 2 police over (one must be the big guy).  Return with the big police, small mafia.
Big Police and Big Mafia over.   Big police, small mafia return.
Big Poilice, small police over.   Big mafia return.  
The rest will be easy!

100 Safes level 55 Hints:

A palindrome is a number or word that reads the same when you reverse the digits.
You are on the palindrome 72927.
The next palindrome will be 73037

100 Safes level 56 Hints:

Place all 8 chess queens on the chessboard so that no queen can attack another.
Hint: 4 queens will be on white blocks and 4 queens will be on black.
(With the 4 queens correctly on white blocks, they will cover each and every white block on the board.  Likewise with the black blocks)

Here is one of the possible solutions:

100 Safes level 57 Hints:

These are all musical terms that indicate the tempo of a musical piece.  The temo is measured in Beats Per Minute.

Allegro - 98-109 BPM
Lento - 40-45 BPM
Presto - 168-177 BPM
Vivace - 132-140 BPM
Largo - 45-50 BPM
Larghissimo - 19BPM

100 Safes level 58 Hints:

Match the cartoon character with the correct name.

Belle, Kanga, Lilo, Louie, Nemo

100 Safes level 59 Hints:

From near to far from the Eiffel Tower in Paris.
On the pictures you will find the Sydney Opera House (Sydney), Taj Mahal (India),  Big Ben (London),   Statue of Liberty (New York),  the Moon (moon), Arc de Triomph (Paris).

100 Safes level 60 Hints:

6, 8, 14, 22, 36, ??

This series is almost like a fibonacci series, except that it starts on 6 and 8 instead of 1 and 2.


  1. Thank you for the hints! I love these puzzles. Please bring some more!!!!

  2. Stuck on level 57. Musical notes are beyond me..help!

    1. Allegro - 98-109 BPM
      Lento - 40-45 BPM
      Presto - 168-177 BPM
      Vivace - 132-140 BPM
      Largo - 45-50 BPM
      Larghissimo - 19BPM

      Order them from slowest (low BPM is slowest). Each word has a number associated to it... in the order from slow to fast it will be the password.

  3. level 59 doesn't work...

    I tried it the code is 634215 but it doesn't work?

    What happened?

    1. 632415 would be the correct answer!