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100 Doors - Walkthrough... The madness continues

Need tips, hints, answers, solutions, cheats for door 1-50, click here.
Need to open levels 50 to 55, then click here.
For doors 56-60 of 100 Doors, click here.

Now, lets continue with Door 61 to 70.  These 10 doors was not really tricky to open.  If you could reach level 60 on your own, then you will have very little need for help to reach door 70.  In case you got stuck, glad I could be of assistance!

Door 61:  (Level 61) A 4x4 Chess board with the knight in the top left corner.   To win this level, all the blocks on the board need to be grey.  If you are a good chess player, you should not have any difficulty here.  To help you solve this one, we will use the chess-grid system so that bottom left is A1, and the knight starts on A4. Bottom right will be D1 with top right then D4.

So, tap the following:
b2, c4, d2, b1, a3, c2, a1, b3, c1, d3, b4, a2, c3, a4, c3, d1, c3, a2, b4, c2, d4, c2, b4,a2
…and the door of level 62 will open!

Door 62:  You see a clock, a telephone keypad, and a picture of the moon.  The clock is on 12:30 and the picture of the moon informs you it is half-past midnight.  

Now you need to enter the correct time and the door will open.  If you battle, try 0030

Door 63:  To open this door, you need to turn the wheel either 3 triangles clockwise or 2 triangles anti-clockwise.  If it stops where there is a triangle, then the wedge will disappear, else it will return.  To solve, use +3, +3, -2, +3, -2, +3

Door 64:  LOL.  Laugh out loud.  It’s what you need.  To open the door, you probably need a key.  So change LOL to KEY and woala!

Door 65: Take the balloon; attach it to the end of the pipe.  Pump until the balloon goes up and it will press the green button for you to open the door.

Door 66: 121332123. 
Press the cups in this order: #1, 2,1,3,3,2,1,2,3.  The 3 and 3 again.  You will see the key.  Take it and use to open the door.

Door 67: There us a black ball and a blue button.  

To open the door, you will need to move the ball over onto the button, but unfortunately by rotating the tablet will not solve this one.  SO, take the water bucket and use it in the system so that the black ball will float on the water.   Tilt the table slightly so that the ball goes to the right on top of the button.  Take the bucket again and fetch the water.   The ball will drop, press the blue button and level 67 will be solved.

Door 68:  Towers of Hanoi.  You need all 4 disks on the right hand side.  You cannot put a large disk on a smaller disk.  TO solve (left = A, middle =b, right = c). :   A-B, A-C, B-C, A-B, C-A, C-B, A-B, A-C, B-A, B-C, A-B,C-A, B-A, B-C, A-B, A-C,B-C.  I think my version was buggy... I could not always see the disk as it was placed on a pole.  

 Door 69: There are 6 animal pictures and 4 letters in the middle.  You need to spell each animal’s name to open the door.  If you spell correctly, the animal picture will get a green border.  Once all is spelt, the door will open.  Spell bear, crab, duck, fish, frog, lion.

Door 70.  1 | 2, ½ 2|1, 2/1.  If you click a triangle, then it will turn 90 degrees.   Look at each fraction then turn each triangle of the same color to point in the direction of the “1”.  So yellow point left, Red point top, Green point right, Blue point down. 

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