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100 Missions. Mission 3 walkthrough

100 Missions.  Mission 3 walkthrough.
Walkthrough for mission 3.  (Level 3 walkthrough)

For Mission 1, go here
For Mission 2, go here

For mission 3... read on!

Get rid of the guard.  When the target is over his head, tap the target.    Search the guard and take the code (3555) and remove the dart from his neck.

Enter the guard house.  Take the bolt cutter.  Take the shapes code paper and glass mug from the table.  Open the fridge and take the red meat and energy drink.  To the left of the fridge there is a piece of paper.  Read it (contains hint on how to disable the power) and take the duct tape.

Disable the security camera.  Use the computer and enter the correct code.  Use the shape codes hint that you picked up to solve this one.  Simple maths deductions.  You need to work out what numerical values are assigned to the triangle, square, circle, and diamond.  

If you battle, here is the answer:  Triangle = 8, Square = 6, Circle = 9, Diamond = 4.  If you disagree, then look at the shapes sheet and substitute the shapes for the correct number, then see if the equations equate correctly.
So on the computer, enter 8694 and the cameras will die.

Now, disable the electricity.  There are 2 power boxes, one in the guard house and one outside.  Both have the same solution.  If you look at the picture that was at the duct tape, the line goes right, down, right; down, down, left.  So use this combination on the electricity boxes.  Turn the dials as follows:  Top row à right, down, right.  Bottom row à down, down, left.  If you did it correctly, you can go and cut the fence without getting the warning that you first need to disable the power.

Cut the fence with the bolt cutter.  Give the meat to the dog. 

Go left and pick the lock with the dart.  Enter the room and take the ax, small anchor, and wooden plank.  Exit this room.

Climb the ladder.  At the top, tap on the wall to solve the next puzzle.  The code from the soldier was 3555. So move the 1st slider down 3 times to 128 and the other 3 sliders down 5 times (to the bottom).  

Now, you need to add the numbers you have selected here to find another code.  If you are reasonably good with mathematics, the bottom row will blanks will read:

512 : each row is double the previous row
3 : From the top, reduce by 8, then the reduce by the half of 8 = 4, then reduce by the half of 4 = 2, then reduce by the half of 2 = 1  
876 :  a(n)=[a(n-1)+1]*[n+1]
8:  Multiply the 2 digits of a row to get the answer for the next row.  7 x 7 = 49.  4 x 9 = 36.  3 x 6 = 18.  1 x 8 = 8.

Now, add the numbers you have selected with the sliders (128 + 3 +876 + 8) to get 1015.  This is the code at the electricity box.

Climb down. Between the boxes you will find a rope. Between the containers there is a wooden plank, take it. There is another plank you need to take, to the left of the containers at the boxes.  In your inventory, combine the rope with the anchor.  All your way to the right you will find a yellow boat.  Use the anchor on it and retrieve a key.

Go to the lift. (Yellow structure).  

Open the electricity panel.  Use the duct-tape on the wires.

Type the code that you worked out at the top of the ladder.  If you type it wrong, you will get a nasty shock??? and end up in the guard room.  Probably a bug.  Type 1015.  Now you can climb in the lift.
Use the key at the controls and solve the puzzle.

 You need to move the orange piece out.  This is not too difficult.  If you battle, see below for hints:


Almost there!

Now move the orange piece out.

After you solve the puzzle, go to your right and you will see a wooden ladder bridge:

In your inventory, combine the 3 wooden pieces.  If it does not combine, try a different combination. Then use the 3 combined wooden pieces on the ladder. 

  Climb the ladder and you are done!