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100 Doors Walkthrough – the last frontier

100 Doors Walkthrough – the last frontier.  Here then the solutions and explanations for door 71 to 73.

Door 71: Colour coded keys
You will see different colour keys and a colour circle in the middle changing numbers from 0 to 9.
To solve this one, count the number of keys witch match the same colour as the centre circle, then tap the circle when the correct digit appears.  4 Red, 0 Yellow, 5 Green, 3 Blue.  If you make a mistake, you start over from red.

Door 72:  A clock on 12’o clock.  The numbers 90, 270, 150, 240, 60, and 180 at the top.  A keypad in the centre.    The clue at the top are degrees. SO, for 90, turn 90 degrees and tap 3. 270 Degrees = 9. 150 Degrees = 5.  240 Degrees = 8.  60 Degrees = 2.  180 Degrees = 6.  So, the answer is 3,9,5,8,2,6.

Door 73: A door with the number 5 at the top.  To open this door, there are 5 objects on the door you need to touch. (Think of the puzzles where you need to spot the differences between 2 pictures.  In this on it is the differences between the 2 door pictures).  Each time you touch an object it will disappear and the number at the top will decrease until the door opens.
The 5 objects:  spider web in the bottom right corner.  A blue bar in the top right.  A blue circle just above the left door handle.   A white bar at the top on the left door.  A grey triangle at the bottom right of the left door.

That it!  Now we need to wait for an update of more levels!

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