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100 Missions Walkthrough

I am now busy playing the android game: 100 Missions.  Very nicely done game where you are the sleuth that needs to resolve puzzles to win the mission.

Mission 1.  Tips, Hints, and Full Walkthrough.

If you are stuck, have you done the below:
-          Turn on the light?
-          Found the screwdriver?
-          Combined items in your inventory?
-          Found 3 keys?
-          Found and used the hammer?
-          Found a note in one of the jackets?
-          Did you flatten the coin?
-          Used the paper in the printer?
-          Switch off the light before you view the black painting?

If all else fails, here is the full walkthrough:
11.       Get the light on
Go left 3 screens.  You will see the blue screwdriver on the cabinet.  Take the screwdriver.
Go back to the start room.  Zoom in on the panel to the left of the door.
Select the screwdriver from the inventory and unscrew the 2 screws.
Tap the panel to open it.
Solve the puzzle.  Follow each color's cord from left to right and change the right hand side to the correct color.  If you battle, from top to bottom it should be Blue, Yellow, Green, Red.
The power is now restored.
Go back 2 screens so that you see the front door.  To the right of the door is a light switch.  Turn it on.

22.       Get the 3 keys and unlock the drawers
To the right of the door is an umbrella and shoe stand.  Zoom in and touch the top shoe to get a shoelace.
Go right where the jackets are hanging.  Take the hammer.  Take the paper from the middle jacket’s pocket.
Go to the pool-table room.  Look at the liquor cabinet.  Use the hammer on the piggy bank and take the coin.  Use the hammer on the coin to flatten it.
Go to the room with the chess table.  Use the hammer on the wall above it.  Do it again.  Get the tape recorder from the skeleton.
Enter the bathroom and take the papers from the dustbin.  Solve the puzzle.
Look at the sink and take the bronze key.
Go left, and look at the cabinet above the bath.  Use the bronze key to unlock. Open it.
Solve the pipe puzzle by rotating the pipes to flow from the red handle to the bottom right outlet.  Turn the handle.

 Go back to the toilet and now you can pick up the silver key. 
Go to the TV room and unlock the drawer under the TV with the silver key.  Open and take the blank piece of paper.
Open the bottom right drawer and take the batteries and paper clip.
Open inventory and use the paper clip on the shoe lace to make a hook.  Look at the sink then use the hook to get the gold key.  Exit the bathroom and use the gold key to open the white drawer.  Open and take the ultra violet torch.  Use the batteries on it.

33.       The Painting
Return to the front door and switch off the light.
Go to the pool table room and use the ultra violet lamp on the paining.  Take note of the patterns ( > < > < < >)

Return to front door and switch lights back on.
Return to pool table room and insert flattened coin in table coin slot.  “Something has shifted”.    The painting has revealed a safe.  Open the safe by using the combination you saw on the painting.  Turn clockwise, anti-clock, clock, anti, anti, clock to open.  Take the magnetic card, flash drive, and tape.  Use the tape in the tape-deck. 

44.       The PC
Go to the office area.  Use the blank paper on the printer.  Use the printer and take the note with the Morse code on it.  Insert the flash drive into the PC.  Type the correct code.  To get the right code, you use 2 pieces of paper that should now be in your inventory to solve it.  The one paper contains the 4 shapes with their number.  The other one will give you the order.   (Up-triangle, square, circle, down-triangle).   So the solution is 4, 5, 1, 9.  Type it on the PC.  Take the flash drive and exit the study.

55.       Opening the front door.
Go to the front door and use the magnetic card on the keypad to unlock it.
In your inventory, listen to the tape and watch the code coming from the light.  Use the Morse code paper to decipher the numbers.  Each number is a combination of 5 dots or dashes.     Code is 5, 7, 1, 4.  Tap the door and it will open.

 Done!  Mission 1 solved.

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