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100 Doors

I have started the next Android Game: 100 Doors.  In this room-escape-game, you need some lateral-, outofthebox-, analytical- and sometimes just plain lucky guessing!  I play it on my Samsung Galaxy P7500 10.1"

The interface is fairly basic, and like most of these room- or door escape games, there are very little hints, instructions, or help... This can be very joyful to resolve, but at the same time it can be very frustrating when you get stuck and cannot find a logical way out...

If you need help, a 100 Doors Walkthrough, or would like to comment, see the Comments below.


  1. Door 1: Take the lift up, so click the up arrow and then walk in.

    Door 2: Tap the painting to get the key. Use the key on the door to open.

    Door 3: Tap the 2 matching egg-parts. 3rd Left and top Right.

    Door 4: Use the flame and light the wood. Then tilt the tablet so that the truck can drive to the center of the door. After a few seconds the door will open.

    Door 5: Drag both doors open and then feed the fish (above and to the right of the door) to the bear. Tap the bear again.

    Door 6: All about timing. Tap the red thingy on the right-hand pole at the correct time. Both reds need to reach the top at the same time to open the door.

    Door 7: Shake the tablet so that one of the round rocks fall to the ground, then tilt the table to roll the rock to the red button.

    Door 8: Pull down the left and right lever simultaneously and hold them down until the door opens. You will see the 3 green lights turning on before the door opens.

    Door 9: This is the first door that makes you think a little. Hint: "Door Color" holds the answer. Hint 2: D = dark. O = orange...
    Hint 3: Tap Dark Red, Orange, Orange, red, Cyan, Orange, Lime Green, Orange, Red.

    Door 10: Break the glass with the rock on top of it and then take the ax. Use ax on wires. Look at the message and tap the 2 red buttons according to the Left's and Right's in the message. LRRLLRLR.

    Congratulations! You have passed the first 10 doors of 100 Doors!

    1. Door 11: This one was difficult!
      Hint1: The math equation 128 Sqrt e980 holds the answer.
      Hint2: Use a piece of paper to cover the top half of the equation then the bottom half spells 3 words.
      Hint3: It starts I L _ _ _ y _ _
      Type ILOVEYOU on the keypad. No spaces.

      Door 12: This one took some time to figure out, but was very enjoyable!
      Hint1: The + sign means combine the 2 digits, but do not add them up.
      Hint2: The second digit: Combine its mirror image in front of the first digit.
      Hint3: 7 + 7 forms a triangle and 3 + 3 forms the figure 8.

      Door 13: This was kind off silly. The password is 11111111111. So tap 1 11 times.

      Door 14:
      Pick up the light bulb (bottom right) and put back into its socket. Now switch it on and off a couple of times and the door will open.

      Door 15:
      Turn the tablet upside-down so that the barrier wooden-beam will fall off. Tap the door to open.

      Door 16:
      Turn the table upside-down and tap the red button.

      Door 17: RGB. Look at the lines on the door. Next to the colors there are either 1, 2 or 3 lines.

      Change the colors so that next to 1 line there are reds, next to 2 lines there are greens and next to 3 lines there are blues.

      Door 18:
      Turn the tablet all the way around clock-wise and then again but anti-clock-wise

      Door 19: All the exclamation marks!!!
      Read the question-mark story on the door and correspond with the same number of exclamation marks. !!!! then ! then !!! then !! then !! then !!! then ! then !!!!

      Door 20:
      Match the picture shown on the door. You need to be quick and match 7 in a row correctly to open the door.

      Congratulations! Doors 10 to 20 completed.

    2. Door 21:
      Hint: Tap the star-signs in the correct order, starting after Cancer.

      SO, tap Aquarius (can of water), Pisces (fish), Aries (ram), Taurus (bull), Gemini (twins) then click Cancer on the door to open

      Door 22:
      Use the ax on the door.
      Tap the helmet and gas flame then the door.
      Tap people, ax, tree, car, door.

      Door 23:
      Hint: Tap all the objects from lowest to highest.
      Tap fish, boat, man, bird, plane, moon.

      Door 24:
      Hint: 5 + 8 + 9 + 7 = 29 and
      8 + 6 + 1 + 1 + 5 = 21 and
      7 + 3 + 2 + 1 = 13.

      Answer is 21 and 13

    3. Door 25: The clock on 3'o clock and the hint is 15 + 19 = ? : ?.
      This was kind of tricky to resolve!
      Hint1: 15 = 12+3 and 19 = 12+7.

      To open the door... Move both the hour and minute hand of the clock to 10 (10 hours for the hour hand and 10 minutes for the minute hand) (10=7+3). So the clock will be on 10:10. Pull the lever. If the door does not open, move the hour hand 1 tiny bit pass the 10hour.

      Door 26:
      Attention to detail!
      You will notice the background is full of the same word, except for 1 of the words where the d is a b. Click this word! If you battle to locate it, it is in the top row in the middle.

      Door 27: This one was nicely done. You need to take the key while no-one is watching. So close all 4 eyes simultaniously and take the key. Use the key on the door.

      Door 28:
      This level is about restarting. So restart the level 3 times (click the green circular arrow). If this does not work, then click home and select the level again.

      Door 29:
      Ring the bell, and while the monster is looking at the bell, take the sword. Use the sword on the monster to open the door.

      Door 30:
      Prev Current and Next
      To open the door, enter the previous, current and next level number. 29, 30, 31 and the door will open.

    4. 100 Doors walkthrough continue:

      Door 31:
      Shake/spin the tablet and the 3 handles will fall to the ground. Pick them up then use on the roller. Turn the roller in circles to open the roller door.

      Door 32: Looks like we are inside an Egyptian Pyramid.
      Hint: Use the numbers to locate the correct row, column and then tap that item the correct number of times.
      2,5,3 means --> Row 2, 5th item needs to be tapped 3 times.
      1,3,2 --> Row 1, 3rd item (the snake) needs to be tapped 2 times.
      Door will open if you tapped the 4 items correctly.

      Door 33: Ice cold.
      Tilt the tablet and a key will come sliding on the ice. Use the key to open the door.

      Door 34:
      Number game. You need to solve:
      17 33 8
      5 29 12
      13 xx 10

      Hint1: Every row follows the same pattern.
      Hint2: The middle value minus the first value is the key.

      33 - 17 = 2x (8)
      29 - 5 = 2x (12)
      So the answer is 33: 33 - 13 = 2x(10).

      Door 34. Music.
      Listen to the tune, then repeat it.
      If the crochet (note top left) = A, Quaver (just below it) = B, Demi-semi-quaver (just below) = C, The double-quaver (top right) = D, and the semi-quaver (below it) = E, then play as follows:

      Door 35:
      SEE ... OFTEN
      Hint1: Each letter corresponds to a number
      Hint2: S = Six, E = Eight.

      Tap 6 8 8 1 4 10 8 9 to open the door

      Door 36: Zoo animals.
      Hint: Click the herbivores.
      Touch (light up) the donkey, ape, elephant, cow, and goat.

      Door 37. Numbers at the top are confusing, so ignore them. Look at the battery width with tick the correct button according to the number of ticks:

      Move the battery to the left and click top left button 3x
      Move the battery to the right and click top right button 5x
      Move the battery to the left and click middle left button 4x, bottom left button 2x
      Move the battery to the right and click bottom right button 6x
      Door will open. If you struggle, then turn the sound on to ensure your clicks are valid.

      Door 38:
      Match the card-game colors.
      Left: Red, white (nothing), Red
      Right: Red, Black, Black (see the little mouse!)

      Door 39:
      You need to click the correct blocks.
      See the order at the top (1,2,3,4,5) and then corresponding maps at the bottom.
      No click number 1 (top left red, left blue) then do number 2 (left blue, right middle red) then number 3 (left bottom red, left blue, right blue, top right red), then number 4 (middle left red, left blue) and finally number 5 (bottom left red, left blue)

      Door 40:
      1st square < 2nd square.
      You need to light up 2 squares, the first one smaller than the second.
      Select the 2 corners of the top left small square. This will give you the bottom left as the small square. Then select the inside 4 beams so that a big square is formed on the right. Door open.

    5. I see a lot of people are realy struggling to understand the Door 11: "128 square root of e980" problem.

      Write it out nice and big on a piece of paper. Then cover the top half.

      The letter will then spell the following:
      1 becomes I
      2 becomes l
      8 becomes o
      Square Root sign becomes v
      e stays e
      9 becomes y
      8 becomes o
      0 becomes u

    6. I understand fine, the dooor just don't open! How do you type it in?

    7. Door 11: You need to spell out: I L O V E Y O U.
      Tap 45683968
      and the door should open.

    8. 100 Doors Walk-through for levels 41 - 50:

      Door 41: 1st square < 2nd square. Light up the bottom left small square and then a big square to the right of it.

      Door 42: Tap the guns from the least- to most powerful. Musket (middle right), pistol (left, 2nd from bottom), shotgun (above pistol), uzi (bottol left), machine gun (right, 2nd from bottom), ak47 (top right), sniper rifle (top left), LMG (Right, 2nd from top), rocket launcher (bottom right), vehicle.

      Door 43. Here you need to swap the colors around. The top figure should be (from left to right) purple, light green, cyan, blue and the bottom should be yellow, orange, red, green.

      Door 44: Look ath the picture at the bottom and make the thingy touch the points starting from the biggest to the smallest circle. Tilt the tablet to move it from top to bottom. It needs to go top right, then bottom left, then bottom right, then top left.

      Door 45: There are 12 signs in the middle square, and 6 on each side. 4 of the 12 on the sides are clickable. To open the door you need to select the right combination of the 4, so that they are unique (unique among the 12 on the side), and match a picture inside the square.

      Solution: The 2 on the left = the top right and bottom right in the square.
      The 2 on the right = top left and 2nd from top left.

      Door 46. This one I could not figure out. To open the door, tap the following arrows:
      Right arrow next to St.
      Up & Right arrow in the bottom corner.
      Up arrow in right hand corner.
      Down arrow at the top.
      Diagonal arrow pointinh to St.

      Door 47. Chess!
      Tap the pieces at A1, F1, D2, C8, and E7 to open the door. Not exactly sure, but it looks like these are all the pieces that makes a move closer to the 4 centre squares when you press the "Push" button.

      Door 48. 23 July 2012.
      The answer is a date and days. Tap 10 in the triangles and 23 (for the day) in the squares. The solution lies in the 3 maths equations around the room. Something like 125 + 10 should be read as 25 January plus 10 days that gives 204 (4 February).

      Door 49: Smiley = 4. Now you need the right picture for 7,5,3,4,8,6. Easy. Count the number of "objects" per picture. 7 = sun, 5 = chair, 3 = top left 3 lines, 4 = lines at bottom right, 8 = triangles and circle thingy top right, 6 = house.

      Door 50: Each picture on the side corresponds with the top.
      Wolf = moon,
      Genie = Aladdin's lamp
      Toilet paper = tree
      Rabbit = Top Hat
      Bat = dark sky
      Mars man = Mars

    9. On Door 47 :
      We you tap the push button, some of the moves are legal, other illegals.
      A1 - D2 - C8 and E7 are making illegal moves for sure.
      For F1, the move looks regular, except if there is some rules about the ckeckmate I don't know...

  2. I had a request to better explain the 100 doors level 17 rgb answer. So here then a better explanation / cheat / tip / hint / solution:

    RGB = Red, Green, Blue where 1-line = red, 2-lines = green, 3-lines = blue.

    SO, on the left-hand side, the answer is Green, Red, Red. On the right-hand side it is Red, Blue, Green.

    Hope this clears it!

  3. Where are levels 51-100 solutions?

    1. At the time of writing the solutions, levels 51 and higher were not available yet. Apologies for the delay.

  4. Level 47. I think it's because they are the pieces that move incorrectly.

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