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100 Doors 2 Level 31 to 40 Walkthrough

100 Doors 2 is the sequel to the famous point-and-click room escape game "100 Doors".  100 Doors 2 contains new interesting puzzles where you have to solve, use items, think outside of the box, and solve the room to advance to the next.  This walkthrough solution will provide you with help, tips, hints, and detailed explanations to all the puzzles in the game.  You can download the android version of 100 Doors 2 here.

For the walktrough solution to other levels of 100 Doors 2, visit this link.

100 Doors 2 Walkthrough Level 31

The pyramid on the floor gives some sort of a hint... look for triangles.
So, count the number of triangles in each flag to get the code:
0 8 4 1

Use the keypad and enter 0841 to win door 31.

100 Doors 2 Walkthrough Level 32

Tap and hold on the door to make the 3 disks move.  First the green, then yellow, lastly blue will start moving.  You need a clear path for the laser from bottom to top to win this level.

What I did:  Tap and hold until the blue starts moving.  Then release so that the blue will stop with a clear path from top to bottom.  It will have some momentum when you stop, so keep on trying till you get blue to stop at the right point.
Now you only have to tap-and-hold a little to move the green and yellow into position.

100 Doors 2 Walkthrough Level 33

Tap any of the chess pieces at the top and look ath the flashing blocks at the bottom.  Each flas will represent a chess move that could be made by the pieces at the top. Then press the 4 pieces in the correct order:  Knight, Rook, Bishop, Pawn.

100 Doors 2 Walkthrough Level 34

There are 3 wooden beams.  Get all 3 right in the middle so that none of the wooden beams are under any of those black curl bars.  You can tap to the left or right of the wood to move them.
Once all 3 wooden beams are right in the middle, tap the left red button to break them.
Now tap the right red button to open the door.

100 Doors 2 Walkthrough Level 35

Pick up the spade
Open the tap on the red hosepipe to spray some water
Use the spade to dig at the end of the rainbow.
Pick up a pice of gold from the pot.
Use the coin in the slot next to the door.

100 Doors 2 Walkthrough Level 36

Look at the hint that A = 11 and X  = 46.   So, for each letter, the number is the number at the top of its column then the number at the left of the row.   Now you need to work out the numbers for OPEN and DOOR and add them together:

O = 34, P = 44, E = 12, N = 24. OPEN = 34441224
D = 41, O = 34, O = 34, R = 25. DOOR = 41343425
34441224 + 41343425 = 75784649

Enter the code 75784649 to solve door 36.

100 Doors 2 Walkthrough Level 37

There are 2 cans of paint.  Pick them up.
Use both cans of paint on the purple funnel.
There are 2 more cans you need to throw in... tilt your device left then right to get them and throw them in.
Now you can open the door by tapping the colors in the correct order as per the color wheel at the bottom:  red, pink, blue, cyan, green, yellow, red.

100 Doors 2 Walkthrough Level 38

Pick up the spanner key and the oil.
Use the spanner on the wheel on the pipe to get the nut.
Use the oil on the wheel.
Use the nut on the wheel to put it back.
Fasten the nut with the spanner.
Turn the wheel a lot of times and the door will open.  (Make sircular movements over the wheel to get it turning)

100 Doors 2 Walkthrough Level 39

Tap wheels A, B, C and D and see where the arrow points to for each wheel.
1 5 3 6

Use the keypad with code 1536 to win door 39.

100 Doors 2 Walkthrough Level 40

Open the fridge
Take the sausages.
Put the sausages in the bowl,
Take the sleeping pills from the first aid box.
Add the sleeping pills to the bowl.
Now the dog will sleep and you can exit door 40.